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Ali Ingle – Tornado (Video)

Ali Ingle – Tornado (Video)

Reading his bio Ali is an ordinary lad from a very ordinary council estate in Liverpool, so when I pressed play on his video I was sort of expecting the usual fare that is prevalent in the indie scene. You know the sort of thing, cool lad nice haircut, skinny jeans, wistfully warbling about an ethereal notion of love and despair etc. Shot in black and white with lots of faraway looks and slow fades to water running or cars passing to illustrate time.
Plink. . . plink plink (ukulele) . . . .Ok, what’s this? . . . Quintessential Liverpool terrace with the ubiquitous bike against the railings. . . Wait. . . Is that a space hopper?! Oh yes, it most certainly is!
Out trips Ali, leaping aboard his steed and off down the street.
Cue an immediate broad smile.
The high saturation and locations in the video, transport one to the summer we haven’t really had. Driven along by the pinging ukulele, the female backing and the distant strings, I was quickly sitting, smiling and following the intriguing story of love found…lost, and found again, bouncing along (literally.) Spurred on by the almost military drum beat, which is inspired. Ali’s voice is unusual and familiar at the same time. Like a taste of something you’ve had before but can’t remember what it was. All you know is you like it!
Without a doubt, the vocal equivalent of umami.
Ali’s voice builds throughout Tornado and I’m left with that same smile which I started with, and a nodding head, acknowledging a young and obvious talent.
Watch once and you’ll want to watch again… But be careful, two or more listens and you’ll find yourself singing it as you go about your daily business. A real earworm! EP bought, superb!

Rating: ★★★★★

By Dave Turley - @Dave_Turley

Artist Bio & Links

Artist Bio

Beautifully imaginative!! Ali Ingle is a close to home singer/songwriter from Liverpool who comments poetically on life. Using captivating melodies and witty wisdom beyond his years, he gently narrates his emotional adventure through love, hope, violence and despair. With well observed lyrics and disarming charm, you will have no choice but to be moved by this young, brave and most importantly honest musician.

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Twitter – @aliingle