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Albums vs EPs

Posted by on 15/02/2013 in Discuss | 0 comments

So you’ve been writing and performing your latest music for a while now, you have a set list of songs, a decent social network following and are regularly performing gigs at which ever local venue will take you. It seems like a good idea to turn that set list of songs into an album… but is it? With an album comes the extra pressure to deliver and after all the time you’ve spent amassing a small fan base via social networks you find yourself solely posting “New is album sounding great! Can’t wait for you to hear it …eventually!” Which obviously can look a bit rubbish when you’re posting it every other day due to the lack of content coming from elsewhere. Leaving long periods in between meaningful content can never help keep the attention of your fan base. “So...

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ReDigi, The Second Hand MP3 Marketplace

Posted by on 24/01/2013 in Discuss | 0 comments

With today’s average shopper having less disposable income, it’s no surprise that consumers are often found rummaging through retailer’s 2nd hand sections for their monthly entertainment fix. This is evident with the amount of second hand CDs, DVDS, games and even smart phones that you can find when browsing Ebay, or your local CEX and this is soon set to expand into the world of digital downloads with the arrival of ReDigi. ReDigi is a website devoted to selling and buying second hand digital music. Think of it like a digital download version of MusicMagpie. It already exists in the US and a European launch is planned for the first quarter of 2013 along with all the copyright, piracy and digital ownership controversy that will surely arrive with it. Music downloads were worth $4 billion in 2012 and the music...

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Local Fan Base. How do you get yours?

Posted by on 28/11/2012 in Discuss | 1 comment

Step #1 in DIY music industry success is to create a local fan base. After 12 years of making music, Seattle rapper Macklemore’s debut release “The Heist” was released last month, catapulting him and producer Ryan Lewis into the mainstream. Within hours the album was #1 on the iTunes Album Chart and #2 on US Billboard 200. But even prior to the duo had sold out 18 of 27 shows in a 2011 tour across the US and UK, and all without record label support. Macklemore’s success is due in no small part to the huge fan-base he has amassed over the years, proving that it is possible to be successful if you do it yourself. One of the keys to success as an artist or band is cultivating a community of fans in your hometown or local music scene...

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The Return of Myspace?

Posted by on 15/11/2012 in Discuss | 2 comments

In a persistent effort to remain relevant, Myspace has recently released a preview of the reboot of its website. Fronted by musician and Myspace investor Justin Timberlake, the video boasts a complete redesign of the website, showcasing itself as a new way for artists to promote themselves and their music online. Once of the biggest websites on the Internet, it’s no secret that Myspace is a shadow of its former self, and with unique visitor figures declining by as many as 10 million a month, it’s certainly hard to see how it can be restored to what it once was. The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo. With sites like Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Facebook, it’s hard to predict what Myspace can bring to the table that would encourage musicians, particularly unsigned musicians, to use the site once again. Will a redesign...

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What’s your plan?

Posted by on 22/06/2012 in Discuss | 0 comments

Musicians form bands for many number of reasons. Some people just want to “make it”, others just do it for the craic. No matter if you’ve only just started out or if you’ve been gigging for years, our question to all bands is…   “What’s your plan?”   What is your band’s goal? What do you want to achieve? We get many emails asking us to listen to artist’s music, which we love, but sometimes they don’t tell us what they want from us!? Are they looking to play at the next MakoMusic gig? Do they want us to re-record their tracks? Or are they just trying to spread the word about their band? We want to know what you guys want. Does your band have a plan? Short-term or long-term, local or worldwide. Do you need more exposure, better studio recordings, tour...

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What’s the best band promo you’ve seen?

Posted by on 04/05/2012 in Discuss | 1 comment

Digital media means bedroom recordings and homemade music videos are more and more common place in the music industry, so artists don’t need a record deal to get people to notice their material. Obviously this is a great thing, but with such a saturated market filled with outstanding talent and ideas, how do you stand out from the crowd? Artist have been force to think outside the box when it comes to promoting their material. Wether that’s something as simple as Radiohead’s “name your own price” digital download idea, or the Liverpool based music magazine company Bido Lito’s mixed cassette tape idea, or maybe something slightly more quirky like The Flaming Lips releasing inside a Gummy Skull: Our question to you is… ‘What’s the best band promo you’ve ever seen?’   This could be something you’ve done, something you’ve seen another artist do...

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