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Albums vs EPs

Posted by on 15/02/2013 in Discuss | 0 comments

So you’ve been writing and performing your latest music for a while now, you have a set list of songs, a decent social network following...

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ReDigi, The Second Hand MP3 Marketplace

Posted by on 24/01/2013 in Discuss | 0 comments

With today’s average shopper having less disposable income, it’s no surprise that consumers are often found rummaging through...

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Local Fan Base. How do you get yours?

Posted by on 28/11/2012 in Discuss | 1 comment

Step #1 in DIY music industry success is to create a local fan base. After 12 years of making music, Seattle rapper Macklemore’s debut...

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The Return of Myspace?

Posted by on 15/11/2012 in Discuss | 2 comments

In a persistent effort to remain relevant, Myspace has recently released a preview of the reboot of its website. Fronted by musician and...

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What’s your plan?

Posted by on 22/06/2012 in Discuss | 0 comments

Musicians form bands for many number of reasons. Some people just want to “make it”, others just do it for the craic. No...

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What’s the best band promo you’ve seen?

Posted by on 04/05/2012 in Discuss | 1 comment

Digital media means bedroom recordings and homemade music videos are more and more common place in the music industry, so...

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