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Fluorescent Fields – Self-Help (EP)

Posted by on 21/11/2012 in Alternative, EP, Grunge, Indie, Rock, Unsigned Reviews | 1 comment

Fluorescent fields definitely have the foundlings of a brilliant sound. Their EP, Self Help holds the possibilities of what will become of...

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Claustro – Claustro EP (EP)

Posted by on 02/02/2012 in Alternative, EP, Grunge, Rock, Unsigned Reviews | 0 comments

I grew up with lead singer Neil Parker. We were in our first band together making fools out of ourselves onstage, cutting our musical...

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Death Ape Disco – 10,000 Years (Single)

Posted by on 18/12/2011 in Grunge, Metal, Rock, Unsigned Reviews | 0 comments

  For the most part, the contents of today’s charts sucks! So I spend a lot of my time discovering music from yesteryear. There’s so...

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