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Coalhouse – “Chocolate” & “7 Hours”

Coalhouse – “Chocolate” & “7 Hours”


When planning the studio sessions with Coalhouse it became clear that they wanted to capture the energy from their live performances in their recordings. So we planned their studio sessions around capturing their live sound and creating a high quality recording.


We recorded the drums and bass on the same takes, this gave a live feel to the rhythm section. The guitar and vocal tracks where recorded separately to give a more polished feel to the recording.


With only drums, bass, guitar and vocal this was quite a small session. While mixing the track it was key to create a big sound. We added some synth tracks using an iPad to give the tracks some extra depth. We also doubled the bass track up to fill out the tracks.


To get the best possible results, when mastering we sent the tracks to The Edit Suite, London. We have a close relationship with the The Edit Suite and the tracks came back sounding amazing. The Edit Suite are responsible for mastering the likes of Richard Ashcroft, Bloc Party, Future Heads and The Kooks (to name but a few artist).