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DIY Success For Unsigned Musicians

DIY Success For Unsigned Musicians

At MakoMusic we love hearing about the successes of unsigned artists. Proof that with talent and drive you can achieve something with your talents. For some artist that might just be a few extra fans on facebook, or starting to earn a few quid for playing decent gigs, or maybe making it all the way to the “holy grail” of getting signed… But what if you don’t need to a record deal to get paid? What if you don’t need a publishing deal to get noticed?

Let’s face it, the music industry has had some significant changes over the last 20 years (as outlined brilliantly by @Oatmeal here –, but don’t take our word for it, you don’t need to look far before you come across amazing success stories like @ThatAlexDay‘s, a 23-year-old Essex-based DIY artist whose track ‘Forever Yours’ went to #4 in the UK singles chart in Christmas week 2011 without label backing or radio support.

You can check out some pointers from Alex over at Music Ally, which is a refreshing and encouraging read for all unsigned musicians, regardless if you like his music or not. With over 500,000 songs sold and close to 100 million YouTube views he must be doing something right, and there’s not a record label in sight!

If anyone else has any success stories or knows of someone that has, please feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below…