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Et Tu Brucé – Suburban Sunshine (Album)

Et Tu Brucé – Suburban Sunshine (Album)

Any review I’ve read so far for this band has seemed to always included the phrase “Harmony laden pop”. Can’t really argue with that but that is cheapening it slightly in my opinion. These guys have taken harmony laden pop, twisted it about a bit, put their own stamp on it then produced something that reminds you of times gone by but also sounds fresh and new. Not an easy thing to do, making you feel at home straight away but not being too familiar either.

There’s an effortless groove to the music. Something you could put on, stick on repeat and happily listen to all day.

There’s the in your face pop music of songs like Never Say Trevor, or This City which remind me of Madness in the early days, certainly not a bad thing.

Also great hints of Abba in there too especially on the track Dress Me Up IN Bruises which then progresses to the Beatleesque Turning of the Screw.

The band may be heavily influenced by bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Byrds etc but they don’t just imitate their music, they embrace it then add their own spin to it. So instead of sounding like a re-hash of songs you’ve heard before it comes across as fresh and something you want to hear more of but while also retaining the link to the past.

A huge plus for me is a band having 2 singers with 2 distinctive voices because it adds a whole new dimension to songs and gives each song it’s own unique stamp.

Hopefully more to come from this band as it’s the shot in the arm that music has been crying out for. I’m yet to see them live but on the offering of this album there will be many places to see them soon as this album with the right backing which it seems to already be getting can and should be massive.

Highlights for me are :

Memories Remain, Never Say Trevor & I keep forgetting.

Rating: ★★★★½

by Stephen White @steve_white81

Artist Bio

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Et Tu Brucé are a Four piece band from West London playing harmony laden Rock, Pop and Folk Music.

Et Tu Brucé are Jamie White (Guitar/Vocals) / Matthew O’Toole (Guitar/Vocals) / Darryn Bruce (Bass) and his brother Craig Bruce on Drums.

Hailing from Hanwell in sunny London ‘Suburban Sunshine’ is the incredible debut album release from Et Tu Brucé. Their first single  ‘This City/Never Seen You Cry’ was championed by BBC 6 Music, BBC London & X-FM amongst many other tastemaker radio stations. ‘Stars Fall’ followed, and continued where the first release left off, with added coverage on a variety of commercial stations and by Frank Skinner on his Absolute Radio show.

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  • ClaireNoden

    Have, indeed, happily had it on all day…These guys are definately on the up.. can’t stop humming their tunes. :)