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Naughty Corner Slider

MakoMusic presents the understated and supremely talented – ‘Naughty Corner’. The Naughty Corner are vocalist Peter Clarke & keyboardist/songwriter Si Owens, and both are from Widnes in Northwest England. Peter & Si first met as classmates at St. Bede’s Junior School and have tolerated each other ever since.

MakoMusic and Naughty Corner have forged a relationship over the last 2 years working on a new recordings, videos, gigs and more.

Studio Album

MakoMusic first involvement with ‘Naughty Corner’ was when Si Ownes approached MakoMusic about recording an album with Naught Corner.

The Album was recorded in our Studio in Widnes (View studio detail here). The recording was built from the bottom up. The instruments where recorded in the following order Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitars, Trumpet, Vocals.  Recording the instruments individually to a click track allowed us to keep a close eye on each players timing and performance. Each of the musicians where extremely talented and knew what they had to complete each day for the recording to stay on target.

Below is the audio file we used as a backing track for the song Pigeons and the finished recording so you can compare the start to end product.

More details on the whole recording process can be found on our website here.

Live Video

Charity Work

Perhaps one of the The Naughty Corner’s strongest attributes is the amount of work they do for good causes and charities. One of the biggest events in Halton’s music calendar is Halton Rocks, which is organised by Simon Owens in association with MakoMusic, Industry Entertainment Audio Hire, The Studio and Barclays Bank Widnes, to support the local arts scene and raise money for The Heswall Disabled Children’s Holiday Fund.

The Heswall Disabled Children’s Holiday Fund is a volunteer-run organisation that provides a week-long summer holiday camp for disabled boys between the ages of nine and 16 years old. The charity takes the boys on a range of fun filled days out and weekly activities, and relies heavily on events such as Halton Rocks to fund its work.

Read what the Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News had to say here on 2013’s Halton Rocks event.



For more information on the band go to their official website here for the latest Naughty Corner news and up and coming gigs.