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Find Your Power Animal

It has been our great pleasure to record with Find Your Power Animal. Below is a case study about our time in the studio with the band. We briefly explain each section of the project and how we achieved the finished recording.

Finished EP


During the planning stage of the project we spoke to John, Sam and Chris from FYPA about what they wanted to achieve from their time in the studio. The band’s aim was to record three songs that would be added to two more songs at a later date to produce their first EP. We spoke about the different recording options that they had available while in the studio. FYPA wanted to produce an EP of high quality recordings while still keeping a feel of the bands punk rock performance.

Recording Process

All of the tracks where recorded in our Studio in Widnes (View studio detail here). The whole band performed the tracks together while we captured the drums and took guide tracks for the other instruments and vocals. We then recorded each instrument individually until we had captured the whole band. This technique allowed us to both capture the feel of a live performance whilst also providing the clarity of having multiple takes of each instrument.

Photos from the studio

Mixing Process

Once we had completed the recording process, we created a rough mix of the recordings for the band to listen to. We worked with the band to complete the final tweaks in the mix and get all the tracks sounding exactly as they wanted them. With all three tracks, we needed to create the right balance of power and clarity. These tracks have not yet been mastered, once all of the tracks are recorded for the EP the band plan to get the whole EP mastered.

Video taken by the band during the capture of the bass