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Interview Service

Having a interview of your act online is a great way for you to let new fans know all about your act and let know what you stand for.

MakoMusic have experience creating video productions across a diverse range of industries.Each of our videos are custom build around our specification and goals we follow our production schedule to insure that you are always up to date and involved in the creation of your video.




Production schedule

1. Planning

Planning is most important part of any Video project and its important to get everything right from the start of the project. No one knows your band better then you, We listen to all of our ideas and create a outline plan and schedule to create a video that fulfils all of your needs

2. Storyboarding

The storyboarding process starts creating ideas for locations, shots and music that should appair in the final film

3. Script writing

Script writing is key to creating a video that tell your fans what you want them to know. We dont surgest to script your answers but the questions you would like to be asked.

4. Filming

Filming of your project will take place at the arranged locations.

5. Editing

The editing process takes all of the filmed work and combines it with graphic design and music composition to create a professional film. 

6. Distribution

The are several ways that we can distribute your finished film from youtube upload to DVD production. We offer packages to suite your needs



Artist Interview

  •  Filming of Interview 
  • 2x HD Cameras
  • Live Composition Edit
  • Published to