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Jethro Fox Single Launch @ The Kazimier Garden

Jethro Fox Single Launch @ The Kazimier Garden

ManGone For Mako

Fuel For Fire in association with Tough Love Records present Jethro Fox ‘Blinding Light’ single launch w/ Spring King (aka Tarek Musa), Beach Skulls and James Canty @ the Kazimier Garden

As the last few days of summer draw to a close everyone is utilising what outside-time is left. This night was no different for The Kazimier garden which was taken over for the evening by Fuel for Fire in association with Tough Love Records to celebrate the launch of ‘Jethro Foxs’ single ‘Blinding Light’. Those at the event where treated to yet another great night of music at the Kazimier, and the Man Gone Blog was there to catch what went down…

There is sometimes an assumption that whoever the first act is on stage usually have not honed their craft as much as the other artists and are forgotten by the time headline act take to the stage, however that was not the case for this night. First on the line-up was London based singer-song writer James Canty who produced an explosive, show stealing set. After the onslaught of Mumford and Sons and Laura Marling wannabes, Canty seized his opportunity to leave his own stamp in the folk, or more appropriately the anti-folk world. Tonight, this mark is visible as Canty’s music is energetic, witty and he manages to take what is a traditional genre of music and tweak it so that it sounds current and fresh. Canty’s cheeky and charming persona teamed with his music capabilities resulted in an undeniable stage presence and all eyes were glued to the stage for his 20 minute set.


Next up were ‘Beach Skulls’, a duo who have the magical ability of transporting you away to a happier place. Akin to the ‘Beach Boys’ (but less sunny and with more 50s inspired riffs), ‘Beach Skulls’ have their own brand of Surf rock that makes you forget where you are; situating you on an LA beach relaxing in the warmth of the sun… and then you realise you are still standing in the Kazimier garden in the middle of Liverpool city centre at the beginning of autumn; the chilled out, lazy vibe created by this band is something special. Through incorporating contemporary guitar music with bluesy undertones and nuances of the past means ‘Beach Skulls’ create a fresh sound and is yet another example of the talent out there in our very own city.


Penultimate band of the night was the new project headed by producer (of no other than the headline act, Jethro Fox) and all round talent muso Tarek Musa in the shape of ‘Spring King’. These guys where great hitting the crowd with their impressive garage pop that have elements of the up-beat and melodic and bouncypiano inspired qualities of Maximo Park combined with raw vocals and lo-fi vibe not unlike Black Lips. Bass and Drum breakdowns pulsate through the amps, and Americanized vocals rip through the crowd with a penetrating yet controlled aggression that gets everyone’s attention. ‘Spring King’ is a band with bundles of energy and one to keep your ears/eyes open for.


Finally, the reason why we are all here, headliner ‘Jethro Fox’ takes to the stage. After his successful Maida Vale session with Steve Lamacq Mr Fox is releasing his debut single ‘Blinding Light’ through Tough Love Records- and the set tonight proves why he is gaining in popularity. The band are fantastic and tight, showcasing their musicianship by creating a gorgeous, mesmerising sound; each melodic layer building upon the last creating a polished- sheen like quality to the music which is no mean feat for a band up against the conditions of a live setting.


Fox’s vocals are strong and yet have a unique quality of creating a sense of intimacy within a big crowd. The crowd the love it, many singing along to the majority of the set, and it is always a positive to see the fan base (and curious new comers alike) show their support. Judging from this brilliant and inspiring set, ‘Blinding Light’ will be the first of many singles released by ‘Jethro Fox’, or it should be the case if there is music justice in the world.


Words: Gina Kershaw

Photography: From Jethro Fox Music