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Love this song, it has a commercial feel that will appeal to many people but is very sweet for that. Although the production is simple it really works for me, you can hear all the instruments and the vocal clearly and the blend is very pleasing. Somebody should put this out it will make a lot of sales, there are far worse songs in the charts today. This song would appeal to so many people and is the kind of tune that eliminates genres as it has a quality that anyone can enjoy. The acoustic guitar is really lovely and has a nice warm mellow sound, it is well played and forms a solid basis for the song. I also enjoyed the electric lead, it is awesome, the solo fits so well into the tune and is not overstated yet hits the mark, it’s deliberate picking and held back delivery are fabulous. The vocal is clear and conveys the message of the lyrics with feeling, it is a love song tinged with a touch of sadness and that comes across well, maybe some backing might add something to the recording. I really like the hook of the repeats in the verses that holds the song together and makes it very catchy. The writing is very clever and If you listen to it a couple of times its impossible not to sing along. The lyrics are well thought out and the writer has done a good job.

This acoustic version possibly could be bettered with a full studio recording but they will need to be careful not to loose the simple sweetness of the song as very often less is more! I would definately like to hear more of this band and see what else they have to offer.

Rating: ★★★★★

By Dave H

Artist Bio & Links

Artist Bio

5 piece from oxfordshire, influenced by old school rock such as ACDC.Petty, Bonjovi and the Phonics. we have graced stages such as the o2 academy birmingham and the indigo2 london since late 2007. Firm friends, drinking partners and musicans we have a good time play our simple but catchy rock tunes.

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