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Live Performance Video

Live event filming, live concerts, and any other live event. Whatever your occasion, MakoMusic has the knowledge and experience to make your live event filming or product launch more memorable.

MakoMusic work seamlessly with your event organisers, will be on hand to record your occasion, with absolute discretion.

which can be re-used for use in sales, streaming web broadcasts and a number of other useful promotional formats.



Production Schedule

1. Planning

Planning is most important part of any Video project and its important to get everything right from the start of the project. We contact your event organiser and create an outline plan and schedule to create a video that fulfils all of your needs and captures everything you want from your event.

2. Script writing

If you are planning of having a presenter on the video its a good idea to draw up a scrip to make sure the presenter mentions everything you want them to about your event.

3. Casting

This only normally applies if you are planning on having a presenter for your live event. The presenter needs to to represent your event and be able to deliver your script as planned. If required we can provide professional actors for your project  

4. Filming

Filming of your project will take place at the arranged locations and follow the plan we have set out with your event organiser. Often event dont run exactly to the planned times, we are flexible and can rearrange to suite our needs on the day.

5. Editing

The editing process takes all of the filmed work and combines it with graphic design and music composition to create a professional film. We dont put a time on how long it takes to edit the video as the are lots of factors to take into account but we do always do our best to have everything finished within a month of filming.

6. Distribution

The are several ways that we can distribute your finished film from youtube upload to DVD production. We offer packages to suite your needs

Prices For Recording Acts

Live Video Capture

  •  30min Set  
  • 3x HD Cameras
  • Multitrack Audio Recording
  • Live Composition Edit
  • Published to