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MakoMusic Overload

MakoMusic Overload

You may have noticed that things have been a little bit quiet on the surface of the MakoMusic review section recently. The simple fact of the matter is that we’re really busy, and keeping up with everything at Mako HQ is a tall order. The great thing about MakoMusic is that myself and Sean do it because we love listening to your music and having fun working with musicians just like you. However, we do have to make ends meet and we are very busy working on projects from MakoMusic’s parent companies – MakoMedia and MakoEducation.

At present we receive around 5 submissions per day via our “Submit Music For Review” page, including Singles, EPs, Albums and Music Videos. This pile has been rapidly building and despite our efforts to tame the beast, we’re beginning to find ourselves in a “painting the forth bridge” kind of situation, because there simply isn’t as many people willing to review music as there are people wanting to get their music reviewed.

…So where am I heading with this rambling explanation? Well, we’ve had to readjust our sights a little bit, and we’ve come to conculsion that we need to focus our efforts on the musicians that we can physically help and interact with, i.e: bands and artist within the UK. So, what does this mean? Sadly, we will shortly be disabling the ability for international artists to submit music for public review. As cool as it has been getting music submitted to us from ALL OVER the world, it is with extremely sad faces that we are going to have to pull all our international submissions and reviews from the MakoMusic website by the end of the month.

If you fall under this “international artist” category and your music has been reviewed, please feel free to copy your review and use it anywhere and everywhere that you see fit, but we will be removing every post that is outside of the UK over the next few weeks, and when it’s gone… IT’S GONE!

It’s our aim for MakoMusic to be a community driven site, and we are hoping to re-open our international affairs in the future, but until then we look to you, the general public, the musicians, the music lovers, the gig goers, to give and take in equal measures. If you’ve submitted your music for review, why not take a minute to review someone else’s music while you’re at it? Like something you hear? Give it a review!… or at very least a comment. As always, your help and efforts are truly appreciated by MakoMusic and the artists themselves.