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Mojo Pin – “The Pope Stole My Shoes”

Mojo Pin – “The Pope Stole My Shoes”

Above is the finished Live recording of the track “The Pope Stole My Shoes” by Mojo Pin. We have put together this small case study to let you know the process the band took to achieve these recordings.


When planning the studio sessions with Mojo it became clear that they wanted to capture their live sound. We decided to record all of the instruments together in a live performance. The track (The Pope Stole My Shoes) is a punk rock song that suited this plan perfectly

Recording Process

The track was recorded in our Studio in Widnes (View studio detail here). The whole band performed the track together while we captured the drums, guitar, bass and vocals. We DI’ed the bass and guitar to prevent spill and give us more control of their sound in the mixing process. We Recorded the Vocals live with the other instruments but to give us more options in the final mix we decided to re-record the vocals on their own.

Mixing Process

With only drums, bass, guitar and vocal this was quite a small session. We had DI’ed the Guitar and Bass, this gave us a blank canvas for their sound. We used amp and pedal emulators to create the big distorted sound the band wanted. We also worked hard to get the right sound and levels right on the vocals. The vocals where processed through guitar amp and pedal simulator to give the vocals a distinctive sound. The track was not being mastered so we decided to pre master the track to boost the levels of the recording.