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Music Video Service

A well made music video might be just what your band needs to stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed. Music videos are used for various promotional reasons whether it’s to advertise a single, help tell the story of your tracks, or show off your live performance. We provide several types of music videos from fully scripted narrative based video to live gigs recordings.

Often musicians or bands have a clear idea what they want to achieve from their music videos, MakoMusic can advise on the best way of achieving and producing your vision on-screen. MakoMusic can plan, create, produce, direct, edit and distribute your next music video.

To create a full narrative based music video we follow our production schedule to produce professional products.

Examples of Music Videos

Production Schedule

1. Planning

Planning is most important part of any Video project. It’s important to get everything right from the start of the project. No one knows your Act better then you, We listen to all of our ideas and create an outline plan and schedule to create a video that fulfils all of your needs

2. Storyboarding

The storyboarding process creates ideas for locations, shots and dinamics that help with planning, filming and producing the final product. It helps everyone see how the film is going to come together.

3. Script writing

Although its normally expressed through subtitles some music videos require a script to help viewers understand the videos narrative.

4. Casting

Casting the correct actors for your film is an essentul part of all films. The actors need to to represent your act and be able to deliver your script as you planned. If required we can provide professional actors for your project

5. Filming

Filming of your project will take place at the arranged locations. If required we can arrange locations for you shoots that follow your storyboard ideas 

6. Editing

The editing process takes all of the filmed work and combines it with graphic design and music composition to create a professional film. 

7. Distribution

The are several ways that we can distribute your finished film from youtube upload to DVD production. We offer packages to suite your needs


Performance Video

  •  Half Day Filming  
  • 2x HD Cameras
  • Editing Video
  • Published to

Performance & Narrative

  • 2x Half Days Filming  
  • 2x HD Cameras
  • Editing Video
  • Published to

Performance & Narrative

  • 2x Half Day Filming  
  • 2x HD Cameras
  • Editing Videos
  • Band Profile Interview 
  • Published to