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Oceanis – Brotherhood (Single)

Oceanis – Brotherhood (Single)

Oceanis claim influences such as Gojira and Opeth and from the start of the track Brotherhood, you can definitely hear these influences without feeling as if they have copied these bands. Whether intentional or not, there is definitely a similar sound to Parkway Drive within Oceanis; this is by no means to be taken negatively.

To start off with I will point out that the recording of Brotherhood is of quite good quality; whilst not having perfect quality, it is definitely above average for the level the band is at.

Metal bands often get a lot of negativity due to their screamed vocals and heavy instruments, but what is rarely recognised outside of the genre itself, is how talented metal musicians actually are. The first minute and a half of Brotherhood is a brutal time. With crushing guitar riffs backed up by a great rhythm section, Oceanis burst through the speakers with one thing in mind; to make you bang your head right along with them. Vocalist Joe brings even more power with his various screaming vocal styles. From death metal growls to a higher pitched scream, it must be said that Joe knows what he is doing.

If you find yourself headbanging too much, don’t worry, by 1:48 Brotherhood seamlessly switches to a more melodic break; clean guitars tearing you away from the heaviness and instead replacing it with a slow paced bridge. This doesn’t last long; by the 2:09 mark Oceanis pull you back into the mosh pit with screams of “We won’t die”. There is a moment when you bear witness to the true power of the vocalist with a death metal scream of “Feel your death slip through your fingers”.

Regardless of how talented your vocalist is, a band is only as good as the collective. Towards the 3 minute mark the rest of the band show their talent by changing things up yet again and handing another clean section to the audience. After a frantic double bass drum lead section, a clean guitar solo flows gracefully over the now slower paced song. After a slow build up, the band returns as a whole with a crushing force.

Overall I would have to say that my impression of the track was rather positive; I couldn’t fault the talent of any member. It is easy to point out that the song fits perfectly into the genre that Oceanis set out for themselves. However it must be pointed out that whilst the song does fit very well with the genre, it is also possible that it could eventually be lost amongst other bands of the same genre. With the ease of access to music due to the internet, I feel that Oceanis may need to try and stand out more if they intend to make their name better known.

That being said, there is no denying that Oceanis are in fact a great metal band. More importantly, from Brotherhood it is clear that they will be a great live band. With two clean melodic breaks in Brotherhood, it is almost as if the band structured with the awareness that audiences will need breaks from moshing throughout. I would not be at all surprised to see Oceanis playing with bands such as While She Sleeps and Heaven Shall Burn in the near future.

Rating: ★★★★☆

By Craig Bellis @craigjb91

Artist Bio & Links

Artist Bio

Hailing from Liverpool, UK, Oceanis consists of five like minded individuals obsessed with creating music that is bold, new, heavy and dynamic. With each member being influenced by the likes of Gojira, Textures, Opeth etc…. this melting pot of technical metal, rock and post hardcore serves to both bludgeon and sooth the listener at the same time.

Originally formed in 2010, Oceanis have thus far played a variety of gigs in and around the North West who focus on giving a tight and explosive performance that fuses memorable hooks with sheer intensity into one coherent metallic soundscape of mammoth-sized proportions.

Oceanis are Stu and Phil on guitars, Dave on drums, Craig bass, and Joe on vocals. Oceanis are currently putting their collective talents into creating an EP that contains their strongest and heaviest material to date. With plans to gig heavily over the coming few months Oceanis are dedicated, focused and intensely passionate about what they do, taking their time to deliver quality material to anyone who will listen.

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Twitter – @oceanis_uk

  • Ian Pye

    Agreed. Great work from the band. Nothing wrong with it at all. Just not groundbreaking enough to really make non believers stand up and listen. I enjoyed it though XD

  • Sean Patrick O’hare

    Not normally my kind of thing but I enjoyed it, normally a sign of a good metal song in my book.