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Savages / Palma Violets / Death At Sea @ Leaf

Savages / Palma Violets / Death At Sea @ Leaf

ManGone For Mako

The five piece Death at Sea reverbed into life as the audience still made their way upstairs. A long punctuating electric guitar sound that severed the anticipation of the crowd. They began the gig with ‘Good Side’; the perfect song to warm up the crowd and to show off the stylish playing of lead guitarist Ruaidhri Owens. To his left? Two charismatic lead singers and one cool looking bassist, Owens still made himself known. There was nothing too over the top from a guitarist who showed he was passionate about his music, whilst still hitting every note right.

(Death at Sea by Andy Von Pip @

Their set was one of two halves and after three fast paced energetic rock songs, the band relaxed with three gentler but no less great songs. ‘Skinny Wrists’ typified them with its steady haunting drum beat, representing the blood pumping through those skinny veins and great vocals. The song really showed the bands range. A great reception followed ‘Sea Foam Green’ as the band walked off stage. If the gig was as good as the first act it was definitely going to be a great one!


(Palma Violets by Andy Von Pip @

Next up was Palma Violets, a four piece with a cheeky synth player in the corner. The eccentric and passionate band began their set with ‘Highway’. From the off this band showed what they were all about, putting on a good fucking show. From the beginning to the end, the energy and performance this band put in was simply epic! The bassist alone was so into his music he turned his back on the crowd and rose his hands in the air revering the drummers beat as it neared its crescendo during the song ‘Death to a Friend’. Due to how much of a performance they put into their show, the quality of the music was lessened. The guitar playing had some great unique riffs and solos on some parts but whenever he went to sing he would stop playing. This left the synth alone with the bass and drums which didn’t leave the crowd with a good balance of sound.

The type of show Palma Violets put on is definitely one for the fans. They give it their all, heart, soul, voice-box, the lot! If you want to hear their songs and enjoy their music, definitely check what they have online before judging them on stage.


(Savages by Andy Von Pip @

Last to fill the bill was Savages; signed to the label Pop Noir, on tour with Palma Violets and Leaf being their next stop. The show was full of chunky bass and sleek, cool guitar riffs that created a unique sound for this all female group. Sadly I found hearing what the lead singer was actually saying to be very difficult. So much so that I can’t name the titles of any of the songs they sang which was very disappointing. It probably wasn’t the bands fault however as the lead singer indicated to higher her vocals throughout the gig. This being said, the band was enjoying their music but they didn’t seem as enthusiastic in comparison to the earlier performances thus making it anti-climatic to the night.

The riffs and great bass lines showed the band had musical talent there didn’t seem to be any variety in their songs yet towards the end there was a feeling of repetition. However I think this was because of trouble with the mic as the reception from the crowd was great! All of whom came to see this band which made me think, like the previous band it might have been better to listen to some of their stuff before going to see them live.


Words Shaun Tyrell

Photography: Andy Von Pip @

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