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We Dive At Dawn / Griphook / Illegally Considered @ The Picket

We Dive At Dawn / Griphook / Illegally Considered @ The Picket

ManGone For Mako

We Dive at Dawn held their EP Launch with the vastly growing events company that is ‘I Love Live Events’ which fitted in with the up and coming pop punk talent that was showcased on the night.


(Image: Griphook)


I unfortunately missed the first band which was a shame. However, second to the stage was a young band called ‘Griphook’, a four piece pop punk band with a lot of potential and to be honest, it doesn’t really take a critic to notice! The Picket was actually packed for this band and before you think it was full of mum’s and dad’s… surprisingly not! The venue was packed with a good friendly audience who applauded each song showing that for a young band they have a very well established fan base. Good on them!  Yet, the singer seemed to of let the band down a little. He was an amazing guitarist, regardless of age but he seemed to have lacked creativity when it came to riffs. As each song began with the cliché, pop punk,  4 bar pull offs and hammer on, that really do sound more difficult than they are, it affected his main job and the most important one as a singer… singing! That is reason why I find that lead guitarists should be just a guitarist whilst the singer plays rhythm. On the other hand, if he could perfect his vocals then this band could be a diamond in the rough! Another thing I appreciated about this band is that they actually spoke to the crowd and interacted with the audience. For someone of such a young age that seriously takes some nads!!



(Image: Illegally Considered)


The penultimate band was a band named ‘Illegally Considered’. They started with a very promising song that could be likened to early Green Day albums with basic power chord bashing, very shouty lyrics and I could also hear a hint of Nirvana (to be more specific the song ‘Territorial Pissings’). For these reasons, I’m guessing the sound they were going for was fuck the establishments. Regardless of this strong opener, IC’s initial impact was to be forgotten. As I personally see it, it all went wrong when the singer took of his shirt. Firstly, they played ‘Dammit’ by Blink 182. This song cover was nothing new to The Picket stage but they played it about ten times faster. This made the singer struggle to even breathe! So around about the second verse he stopped singing making me wonder whether they had actually thought this track through. After that the singer continued to be inappropriate. The reason why I say this is because he shouted out to the crowd, ‘anyone wanna hear a Hitler joke?’ to which no one replied. Nonetheless he still insisted on sharing it. I genuinely feel sorry for the lead guitarist as he is such a talent. Regardless of the cons, the band actually interacted with the crowd quite well. They even had us do Mexican Waves!



Last to the stage was the band ‘We Dive at Dawn’; a band I found underestimated as The Picket had emptied out and was left with 30 – 40 people to play to. This band were by far the best of the night and rightfully so. Not only were they the last band they were also the most professional sounding, their tunes were tight and overall they were just really well put together. The singer looked a bit like System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian and wasn’t far off the mark in terms of ability. Their set started with the deafening sound of feedback on their first song. This seemed to off set the theme for the cameo set that only lasted around 20 minutes. This set was more about quality over quantity so it turned out to be a great short set. It was consistent and charming and all the tiny brisks of banter could only be described as cheeky. We  Dive At Dawn are definitely worth a listen to.


Words: Sam Meaghan

Photography: Bands